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Intuitive. Improvisational. Instinctive.
Visceral. Seductive.

That is how I describe the experience of painting for me. It is a living, breathing process.
There is no guideline or map, no set goal other than to create something that a viewer will
be drawn in to, to explore, contemplate and enjoy. I want to encourage interpretation in
what you see — hidden or visible; in front or behind; within or without.

It begins with an idea, an image, a thought. From there, I explore it. I study it. I work with
it. I put in images shapes and color — then, I take something away. Through a layered
collection of acrylic, paper and mix medium, I create movement between what is con-
cealed and what is seen. I watch it evolve as the relationship develops, constantly
making choices.

I love to explore a repertoire of methods, forms, unique textures, bold colors and shapes.
There is a Fauve quality to my work emphasizing a painterly approach with strong color
choices, but they come alive when I see how they all interact and react with each other.
My biggest inspiration comes from nature and the imagery that surrounds us and cate-
gorizes what we see. I try to interpret all of those shapes, colors and spaces through strata.
Like nature, it changes and moves. Each time you look at it, it's unique and gives you
something else to see, feel or think about.

I currently paint on special paper that I temper and prime in a putty colored patina of gesso.
I create a surface on the paper with texture and fresco. I feel that by adding an all over
surface and color it gives the painting more depth and substance rather than painting
on a flat plain white palette.

My work process is one that creates a series of artwork. It may comprise of anywhere from 10
to more than 40 plus pieces. I work within the series, exploring and reworking the grouping. As
one piece evolves, I will go back and adjust the others. I segue to the next series when I feel
a new relationship forming within my work. I love the transitional process that allows me to
explore the development of a new image or idea.

For me, art is an evolution — a commitment, an addiction — it has become my passion.

Lisa Macchi

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